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Flooring Solutions from around the globe

Manufacturer & Importer.  FORDOM International is a manufacturer and importer of commercial flooring products. Our commercial flooring products are the smart choice and problem solver in so many spaces.

FORDOM’s Needlepunch Congress and Retail lines are durable for demanding, moderate and high-traffic areas. Both are designed for superior walk-off properties to trap and hold grit and moisture. Our selection of quality fiber bonded needle punch broadloom carpet products are available in rolls and tiles.

FORDOM’s Needle Felt Justice line has a loose Berber look, designed for superior track off properties to trap and hold grit and moisture. It’s ideal for moderate commercial traffic such as Places of Worship (entrance ways), Dormitory (common areas), Fitness Centers (lounges/locker rooms) and Main Street (retail).

FORDOM’s Grass Carpet (Field of Dreams, Meadow, Fairway) is a strong and durable roll with a dimensionally stable backing ideally designed for high traffic areas. It’s ideal for commercial outdoor decks, patios, docks, and pool areas. It’s easy to clean plus stain and fade resistant.

FORDOM’s Freedom/Patriot heavy-duty ribbed design broadloom is designed for superior track off properties to trap grit and moisture, to be vacuumed out rather than tracked off. The product has incredible dirt trapping ability with phenomenal fiber retention for a broadloom product. It’s ideal for heavy-use commercial traffic, such as: restaurants (entrance ways), Dormitories (entrance areas), Fitness centers (entrance areas / locker rooms), Country Clubs (pro shops / outdoor sitting areas) and Commercial retail space. 

Choose the carpet from our wide selection of colors and styles to meet your needs. We offer attractive sample boards and folders to help you in your decision process. Our inventory is plentiful and we provide fast and reliable delivery.

MASTER DISTRIBUTORS.  Our network of Master Distributors has served the commercial flooring products industry for decades. They have a proven record with the highest level of service and exceptional quality products. 

At FORDOM we utilize both FOReign and DOMestic suppliers to bring you a wide selection of quality commercial flooring products. Our products have been used with great effect and customer satisfaction in entryways, corridors, public spaces, and just about any location where the combination of warmth and durability is essential.


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